my life is a korean drama

A confession:
In the last 3 days, I’ve watched 13 episodes of Meenam Eeh Shinae Yo.
I thought I quit this business, but I guess my korean roots never wither.

I’ve found what influence this kdrama has on me:
– I started to talk to myself and think outloud.  Every actor in this drama talks to him/herself a LOT.  I thought, “who does in that in real life?”  then next thing i know, I’m in the car/shower/bed mumbling and asking questions to myself -.-
– I want to be in a fobby relationship.  They make it seem all so fun. and how the heck do korean girls cry so sad and pretty?
– I think of songs to match my mood… to have a soundtrack to my life.

Those are the 3 embarrassments I choose only to reveal.
I’ll snap back to reality soon..

but after the last 4 episodes.


~ by Jungpa on December 28, 2009.

One Response to “my life is a korean drama”

  1. buahahah 🙂


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