Disclaimer: I’ve been caffeinated all day.. been sipping coffee from a new vacuum mug that keeps the liquid the same temperature for many hours… i didn’t believe it.. but it really works! So I hope my reflections here is actually me talking.. and not this diuretic stimulant.

This was the best thanksgiving break in the last 4 years of college. twas nothin fancy though.
The time between summer break and Thanksgiving break is usually the longest I stay away from the city I was raised in.
Each time I come down, I think I gain a new perspective on the people here, and I thank God that it’s with more understanding and love though I’m a major pessimist and misanthrope by nature.
I also noticed how I’ve been identifying more with my home in norcal… Instead of callin’ my LA Church.. my “home church”… I call it my “parents’ church.”  I’ve gotten a few questions from people also asking if I like socal or norcal better… I say norcal now… dang.. i used to have so much socal pride and hated it up there.
I again brought all my textbooks. Didn’t open 3 of them and barely worked with one. sigh*  Next two weeks will be finals frenzy. I was so determined this break, but my trend has remained unbroken without fail each year.
Something about the cozy and warmness of the home stunts my work ethic… or is it the chill socal vibe?.. hah its just my laziness. alright alright.

Other than that though, I’ve been so encouraged in unexpected ways by the people here.
My parents.. my high school friends.. the people at my church.
They all seem to be growing, learning, softening… and i see that it’s not anything inherently in them, but God’s sovereign work.. and divine appointments.. etc…. just observing, I’ve been even indirectly, subtly rebuked by their child-like faith and outward focus.
I also got to think and reflect a lot.  Sometimes, I’m scared to reflect.. don’t want to be overtaken by this cursed mind… but after emailing with Junia about the importance of writing (with the pen) in our lives.. I was once again convinced of my want/desire/and need (perhaps) to journal.  I’ve taken it up once again… and have allowed myself to come to conclusions after systematically organizing words.. syntax.. etc.

I’m excited to see my friends and Evangel family up north. really don’t deserve them.
I’m sure there will be some bonding over all-nighters and energy drinks taha.
Common suffering indeed brings the people together.


~ by Jungpa on November 29, 2009.

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  1. 🙂
    my arms are waiting for a hug when you get back.


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