I beat a Rhetoric Major with Words

I had a petty fight session on gchat with my sista Alice Lee, a rhetoric major at Cal.. and yup i powned her..
I guess the reason why I’m not studying rhetoric is that obviously.. I don’t need to hahaha xP

Alice: i forgive you. God forgives you
i dont think we’re friends no mo

me: haha were we ever?

Alice: O___O

did i just put down a rhetoric major with words?
what what

Alice: you are going down.
watch yo self
else you’s gon’ find yoself wishin you were never born….

me: lol so i see u need to resort to ghetto language now…
can’t fight with some class?
or am i above ur league?

Alice: owowweewow

me: woweewow? isnt that what david kim says?
cant come up with anything original?


me: u gtta jack other rhetoric majors?

Alice: you always gotta ask a question?

me: i ask with truth

Alice: are you that confused?

me: no alice
i think you are confused with your identity
you think you black and david kim
well i guess david kim is black
so that makes sense

Alice: i’m from the ghetto, son.

me: yea of course.. ghetto hacienda heights!

Alice: exactly.

me: hahaha

Alice: i’m sticking to my roots

me: im shakinnnn

Alice: you’re shakin in your preppy clothes
…that’s all i can come up with.
whatever you win


*note: I erased a few words that might be taken racially offensive out of context*


~ by Jungpa on November 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “I beat a Rhetoric Major with Words”

  1. you’re ridiculous. this conversation happened like eons ago…

  2. errr. by eons if you mean like 1.5 weeks.

  3. what? hacienda heights is ghetto. just look at …. me.

    okay fine i was in the middle class asian/white part of hacienda but alice went to the ghetto middle school so yea she knows.


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